The verdict is in on ecigs

Its really never ending.  The search for the “best” refillable ecig.  But we can look for features that bring other ecig units above the rest.  For me, its being able to mod my refillable ecig.

My favorite kind of mods happen to include the amazing and medicinal, mary jane.  I like to run around doing my daily errands and take a sneaky toke here and there to keep me mellow and pain free.  In order to do that, I usually have to pull around to some empty level of a parking garage ot along some quite side street.  But no longer!  I have found my daily salvation in the form of a modded ecig.

The older ecig units work best for this.  The ones that are 3 pieces.  Battery, atomizer, cartridge.  The external atomizer is what you need to look for.  I take the spent flavor cart and insert a little 1-2 hitter nug of pot and slip it back on the atomizer and take a pull.  The atomizer does all the work of a lighter and the thing looks exactly like a traditional cigarette so there is no need to hide away in some dark, creepy alley.

So go find yourself a refillable ecig to try this easy and fun mod with.  You won’t be disappointed!

Cessation E Cig

Some people have heard good things about smoking e cigs and possibly using them to cease smoking so it is only natural that some people will try e cigarettes as a cessation device.  The process seems to make sense.

First, you start smoking with e cigs like you would a regular cigarette.  Then you gradually only use the e cig and do away with the traditional cigarette.  Once you only smoke with you e cig, you start to gradually switch to a lower nicotine cartridge.

In case you did not know, ecigarette companies sell refillable e cig cartridge in three nicotine levels.  A medium nicotine level is similar to smoking a light brand of cigarette.

So you want to gradually switch to a lower nicotine level as time goes by to acclimate your body to needing a lower nicotine level.  Once you get used to the lowest nicotine cartridge you can start work your way off of nicotine completely.

So that is how the cessation process would work.  Whether that will work for you will depend on the individual person.

There is no guarantee that it will work but it is something that you could try.  There are no scientific studies that show that you will cease smoking either.

Types of Refill Cartridges

There are several ways to refill e cigs including oils and cartridges.

You can choose from several different kinds of models when you pick an d electronic cigarette. Some Ecigs use oil refills that allow you to use an oil to fill up the electronic cigarette when it is empty.

Other Brands choose to use disposables that end up costing a lot.

There are also refill cartridges that only replace the end of the e cig with fresh nicotine.

Make sure you do research before buying an electronic cigarette starter kit.

Welcome My Friends!

You have arrived at Best Refillable E Cig!  As the name of the site is pretty clear, we are going to talk about the best refillable ecigs available on the market to help you spend your money wisely.  Peace!